Portfolio of Solutions

BillingerJones | Servicing the Atlanta, Georgia metropolitan region with luxury homes and special real estate agency solutions. Integrity, intelligence, and customer service are three core areas required by qualified and licensed real estate professionals. At BillingerJones, we strive to maximize the overall return on investments for clientele.
MAXED - A full-service educational and training platform servicing K12 institutions, organizational training, and executive leadership training. The nature of teaching and learning has not changed, but the delivery of knowledge has transformed the educational space. MAXED solutions create real teaching and learning environments that may be customized for individual and organizational learning experiences.

Industry: Strategic Business Leadership

Olorium Leadership Platform | A space for Mentorship, Sponsorship, and Advocacy Relationships. Lead and build your network community. Leverage new insights and opportunities to grow professionally. Connect with Olorium Mentors, Advocates, and Sponsors.

Industry: Business Management

Quantum delivers tactical business solutions to organizations and leaders through our 73 framework. In addition, we offer strategic staffing solutions, training solutions, quantitative and qualitative market/industry research solutions, and integrated marketing solutions for enterprises of all sizes.