Motion and Magnitude - Our Leadership

Based on current business literature and forward-leaning trends, the leadership of an organization has three tiers: (1) leadership of individuals, (2) leadership of teams, and (3) leadership of organizations. Motion and Magnitude's leadership is rooted in every facet of the organization. We believe: "there are unique opportunities to lead within every business initiative."

Through our multiple business lines, he seeks to offer Affirmative Action opportunities to underserved African American communities. Historically and currently, African Americans lead unemployment rates in the U.S. Through our Momentum Membership offerings and for highly qualified individuals, we are allowing active participation and career opportunities within the Motion and Magnitude organization.

A New Path Forward

Our underlying mission to hire African Americans in every facet of leadership tiers drives us forward. We are an exemplary organization that engages customers and offers innovative solutions. Our most important assets are human capital and the human spirit to accomplish goals, manage issues, and impact the world positively.